Saanjh* is a beautiful girl

Saanjh* is a beautiful girl enjoying life at the Mission. She is a joy to see and has a smile that brightens even the worst of days.

Unfortunately, Saanjh through no fault of her own was born to unmarried parents and therefore categorized as an illegal child; she holds nothing to her name. As is the case for many shame governs decision-making. The social stigma and shame brought about by Saanjh’s birth were very real for her mother, nothing is known of her father.

Saanjh has never known her parents. As a baby, she was relinquished with all her birth rights to an institute. Through God’s grace, Saanjh was taken to a Christian care home. She was well looked after and happy but her foster parents grew old and worried about Saanjh’s future should she stay with them. So it was decided to bring her to the Mission where she is flourishing in the Frangipani Flower Family.

On moving to the Mission she missed her foster parents very much but with a smile told how nothing at the Mission was too difficult: “Mukti is a good place; everyone is helping and loving each other.” Saanjh life is full of the abundance of friends she now has here at the Mission.

*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.

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