A Tale of Ten Young Women

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times….” So begins Charles Dicken’s famous novel, The Tale of Two Cities. And we all know the truth of these incongruous words. It is possible to mix sorrow and happiness in an odd way. That’s just what happened recently at the Mission.

Ten residents were departed on the same day. It’s always sad to see someone leave, even when it’s for the right reasons.

These ten residents came to the Mission as children, eventually maturing into young women. They graduated from higher studies and found gainful employment in a nearby big city. They received degrees in various fields including nursing, computer management, and travel/tourism.

As with young people everywhere when they launch into the world on their own, they sometimes handle their freedom well and sometimes don’t. These young women are growing and sharing their faith with those they are in contact with. One has taken a year off after the completion of her Masters in Computer Management to serve at the Mission.  She is a blessing to the head of the Family Life Department. “She helps me in many practical ways. She also loves to share her faith with visitors and with the children here in the Mission, too. She’s such a blessing.” A couple of these young women, on the other hand, have not made the wisest choices spiritually and are struggling in their faith.

For six months after their employment, the Mission family stood by them and extended all the help possible in terms of finances, guidance, emotional and spiritual support. After six months of independence, the ten young women were officially departed.

Departures are a necessary part of Mission life and provide openings for others to be admitted. They also declare that the departing residents are independently mature and contributing citizens of their country. In addition, the ground is broken for cultivating new spiritual harvest fields.

Wherever the young women relocate throughout India, God uses their witness for His purposes.

The Mission home will always be theirs to visit, meet their sisters and enjoy fellowship—which most do regularly.

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