Gauging Impact!

by Mark Forman*

“How many children have Mukti Mission helped in its 129 years of existence?” What an interesting question, with many complications in providing an answer!

Using data from the past 15 years does not necessarily help us with the answer. The data only indicates that an average of 75 women and children were admitted annually. Using this average, we calculate that well over 9,000 women and children were helped over the past 125 years.

But wait!  What about the hundreds of children helped by Mukti Expansion Homes and Day Care Centers? What about the Mukti schools that help, teach and empower nearly 2,000 village children daily? How about those Mukti girls who have grown and started ministries of their own? What about the tailoring classes offered to girls and women in the community? How about children adopted from Mukti? What about the mobile health clinic, and Mukti hospital?

Then, too, we cannot forget the terrible famine that occurred in India early in Mukti Mission history! During that period, over two thousand women and children lived in Mukti.

India legalized abortion in 1972. This tragic decision created a steady decrease in female births making the average of 75 admissions annually artificially low.


So what number can we project?

Conservatively, we can project that over 100,000 women and children have been helped by Mukti Mission over its history. The outreach into communities in India and around the world has impacted countless more.

We know that Pandita Ramabai was a visionary, and through this one petite woman, who was a spiritual dynamo, countless thousands were saved from trauma, sickness, scorn, and poverty. May it continue by God’s grace!

*Mark and Becki Forman served at Mukti Mission from 2007-2016

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