How Abandoned and Alone Became Safe and Secure

Mukti Mission is restoring hope to women and children gripped by the hopelessness of poverty, rejection, and abandonment renewing shattered lives by healing the scars of their past, rebuilding lives shaping and empowering their futures.

Praisey arrived at the Mission a tiny, undernourished, premature baby of one month. Her mother had abandoned her when only three days old, unable to cope with the disfigurement of a cleft lip and palate creating an inability to suck. Praisey’s father, with assistance from thebaby’s grandmother, tried to manage, but the battle between his long hours of laboring and his tiny baby’s hunger cries, made them realize that Praisey’s chances of survival were limited without assistance beyond their efforts and abilities.

Grandmother brought Praisey to the Mission but would only be persuaded to stay 3 days. She and her son could not meet the baby’s special needs and legally handed her over to the Mission.

The Mission Doctor, Dr. P encouraged the nurses to find ways to feed this tiny, precious infant, to monitor her closely and endeavor to build her strength. Advice from a specialist hospital in Mumbai assured the staff that surgery was available to correct the deformity of the mouth, but only when Praisey was strong enough and had reached 16 pounds in weight. For a few weeks before her first surgery, having reached the 16 pounds, Praisey joined the other babies in the nursery and enjoyed the stimulation when placed among other babies, and intensive care of the nursery staff.

First surgery:

At eight months old, this tiny, precious baby began her journey to a better future. Admitted to the hospital in Mumbai, she underwent surgery one week later. Her weight dropped again, but it was felt that once the stitches were removed from her lip, she would be better able to eat. Her constant cries would settle when her stomach was satisfied.

A new era begins:

A month later, after the removal of the stitches, new efforts were made to increase her intake of food and nourishment. When Praisey maintained 20 pounds, the doctors in Mumbai would consider the next stage of surgery to repair the roof of her mouth. All ‘praise’ to God for the miracle of this tiny baby’s survival.

Although Praisey remained considerably smaller than the other babies in the nursery, she was a very active little girl at twenty months, turning and rolling on the mat, enjoying the love and attention of the nursery and hospital staff. Due to her frailty and delayed development, Praisey was slow to walk and talk.

Intensive carers

Never short of attention, Praisey enjoyed the loving care of another Mukti girl, who was working as a nurse in the Mission Hospital. When asked why she was so drawn to this tiny patient, the nurse said that when Praisey arrived at the hospital, she saw in her face the face of Jesus, and her heart warmed to this little, broken life. Abandoned and alone as her little life began, she found acceptance at the Mission. The doctors in Mumbai provided much encouragement and cooperation for Praisey’s treatment and recovery and expected improvement after the removal of stitches and better ability to swallow.

With the arrival of a team of volunteers a couple of months later, Praisey’s daily routine included an hour, twice a day, of physical exercise to strengthen the muscle tone and provide sufficient physical exertion to enable a longer sleep pattern and a hunger for more food.

No amount of exercise or food will replace the loving and caring family who surrounded this baby in the security of her Mukti home.

Praisey is now almost six years old. Her cleft pallet is well healed and she is a thriving young girl. Although her development was delayed, she exhibits no ill effects of her first 18 months of life. She is beginning to talk, she has the energy of three girls her age, and she attends the Special Need School at the Mission. She is a favorite of the staff and loves the attention she gets from her ‘family’ at the Mission.

Once abandoned and alone, Praisey is now safe and secure, a loved child of Mukti.

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