In His Footsteps

At Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission, the purpose which drives the day to day endeavors is to provide a Christ centered home where destitute women and children, irrespective of their background, are accepted, cared for, transformed, and empowered to be salt and light in the society.

This is what we are judged by. This is how we grade our effectiveness. This true story is just one of many, repeated over the years that demonstrates God’s faithfulness at the Mission.

*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.

Orphaned at a young age, the Mission became her home and God became her Father when she trusted in Jesus as her Savior. Rakti* displayed promise early in life. Her caregivers and teachers realized the Lord had blessed her with a bright mind and steadfast spirit. When Rakti graduated from school with honors, the doctor at the Mission Hospital became her mentor and saw to it that she went to medical school to become an RN.


Before long, God brought a faithful man after His own heart, into her life. Gunamay* and Rakti married and were blessed with a daughter and son and more recently grandchildren too.

They share hearts burning to serve Jesus wherever He might lead. They served for decades on the mission field and with the Mission in a variety of capacities. Now in their retirement years, they have not let up in their passion to serve their God who has rescued them. When many people are sitting back enjoying a lifetime of effort, Gunamay and Rakti work to share with those around them.

For the last several years they have served in an area that is normally very resistant to the Gospel. God has blessed them with a fruitful harvest that continues to multiply. People from all walks of life seek answers to life’s dilemmas and traumas. They gather for Bible study and church. They listen to hearts filled with compassion and hope. With praise to God, there are many testimonies of His grace reaching into lives without hope. Rakti and her husband Gunamay have lighted dark places.

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