Retirement: Not Wanted!

There are literally thousands of stories of babies brought to the Mission. Each is unique in their own way and where God takes them. Raji* was one such baby. She grew up at the Mission and at the age of twelve became a follower of Jesus. She was an excellent student through high school and then attended college. Raji desired above all to be a nurse and help people. However, finances were not available at through the Mission at that time for such long-term study. Seeing the depth of her walk with God she was sent to Bible College for a year.

While fervently praying for God’s will, a friend of the Mission asked to sponsor a girl towards higher education. Raji was chosen! After four years, she completed her RN and Midwifery course and went on to become a nurse in a respected hospital in Bombay (now Mumbai).


God always has a plan for His children. In His plan for Raji, God brought a strong Christian, Gabheer*, into her life. Gabheer was a prayer partner with a doctor who, not coincidentally served the Mission and was like a mother for Raji. God spoke to this doctor, saying that Gabheer was the man He had for Raji. Shortly they were married and soon were blessed with a son and then a daughter. God led Gabheer to leave his secular job and go into full-time service for the Lord with a solid Christian ministry.

After 27 years of service, they retired but felt strongly they should continue to serve the Lord actively. Over their ministry lives, the Lord had prepared them for a unique ministry among high caste Brahmins. For over ten years, they have actively ministered to this community. Many have come to follow Jesus and are becoming faithful disciples. Raji and Gabheer lead Bible study groups with new believers, preach in area churches, share the Good News with any who will listen, and have been thrilled to see God adding souls to His Kingdom every year. Recently, one lady from a prominent family has begun to follow Jesus, but she is going through severe opposition from her husband and family. This common scenario drives Gabheer and Raji to personally engage in intercessory prayer for their contacts who are just beginning to grow in spiritual strength. They ask for prayer for those who are going through opposition and various kinds of trials because of their faith in Jesus.

Thousands of babies. Each with their own story of God’s grace. The Mission and its many dedicated staff members are utensils in the hands of a gracious God bring hope, healing, and life to His children.

*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.

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