Uniquely Positioned!

“How can I keep caring for this child who will never grow up?” wailed Poshita’s* mom. She was a worker in the red light district and the future looked bleak for her mentally handicapped daughter. Then a nearby Christian day care center offered to take Poshita to the Mission, where such children receive loving care. She agreed and they brought Poshita to the Mission.

Poshita is an 8-year-old with Down Syndrome; she seems to be fairly high-functioning for this condition. After crying for a week, she soon realized she was in a loving home. Her housemother and special needs teacher made her feel welcome and loved. Soon Poshita was following her teacher and the older girls in her home and imitating their actions. She responds readily to any show of affection and snuggles with anyone who welcomes her.

Poshita is very social; although she talks very little and has poor pronunciation, she is quite good at signing. She is very alert to those around her and copies what her housemother does. She loves to dance and eats well. In the Special Needs school, she shows good dexterity and coordination and is proud of her achievements. In the Violet Flower Family, she tends to be a bit “bossy” by taking care of the other girls and shows leadership potential.

“Mine,” says Poshita, as she clutches a life-sized soft doll. She always wants to hold or carry something. “Dress” is another favorite word; Poshita likes to look pretty. She also enjoys the garden and waters the flowers. Her favorite play activities are hide-and-seek, parachute play, and the Play-doh press.

Poshita has an excellent opportunity now to reach her full potential. Prior to coming to the Mission, this was not a certainty. Although her mother loved her, she was not in a position to care for Poshita’s special needs. The Mission is uniquely positioned to care for children like Poshita.

*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.

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