Waiting to be found

Kaasni doesn’t appear to be anything special. Unlike many of the girls at the Mission, she has no heart-wrenching experiences to speak of and no grand testimony. There is no victorious story of transformation.

Kaasni is not an orphan; both of her parents work as the cooks in one of our Orchard Projects. Although they come from another faith background, they now profess faith in Jesus. Kaasni is a very healthy girl, she loves Cadbury chocolate – who doesn’t – but adds that really she likes to eat “a lot of everything.” She is wearing a white, sparkly dress ripped on one shoulder but her hair is perfectly parted and combed.

She is an unassuming member of the Rose Flower Family. Kaasni is at the Mission to gain an education and to receive the care her parents cannot give. Poverty would have left her with little of either. Kaasni also has a brother who lives in a different Orchard Project. Poverty has successfully broken and scattered her family throughout the Indian state where they live.


Kaasni describes herself as obedient, clean and tidy. She is studying hard at school and her favorite subject is Marathi but says she has few friends other than her one close friend from school. When she grows up she wants to become a teacher of small children.

When asked to explain how she felt about coming to the Mission she says she was excited about everything and “liked it from the start, as everything is provided.”

Living at the Mission it is difficult to avoid the spiritual aspects of Mission life as prayer is an integral part of the day and the staff shows so much love through the practical works they do. Kaasni says she is learning about Jesus, “He does miracles and He helps us.” When Kaasni is on holiday she gets up early, brushes her teeth and reads her Bible. Although she has not chosen to follow Jesus, she says she, “likes to read the Bible.”

Kaasni has experienced the hope that Mukti brings. She is on the road to healing in her spirit although the journey still stretches ahead. She is waiting to be found! One day with your support Kaasni will enjoy life in all of its abundance as promised to her.

*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.

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