“Welcome to Mukti!”

“Welcome to Mukti!”

The greeting rings out at the Mission’s gate. These are the first words spoken to friends, family, visitors, or those seeking admission. Many are the sad yet hopeful faces arriving at the gate with nowhere else to go. Many families bring children just before the new school year begins hoping at least, that this year might bring some normalcy for their little ones. Little faces, not so little faces, sad faces, nervous faces, weepy faces, troubled faces, brave faces and expectant faces … they all come to Mukti, here they will find a refuge. Here they will find hope, healing, and life!

Orphaned and Alone

Alicia* had no one willing to keep her or look after her. But God was willing! And He, as only He can do, brought her to Mukti. The Mission will be her home as long as she needs. Maybe she will find a new family ready and willing to embrace her as their own.

Mother in Shock

“My husband left me and abandoned his daughters,” the young woman moaned. Telling the tale of her husband’s desertion for a life he felt would be better for him, she was left with few options and virtual hopelessness. Having just enough education to care that her children have more, she brought her little family to Mukti. Bright and energetic, the little girls spread smiles along their way and the mother now is able to look at tomorrow with a bit of hope.

“Welcome to Mukti!”

All are welcome! In years past, the Mission primarily brought in true orphans without any parents. Today many children who arrive at the Mission have at least one parent. The extreme poverty of their existence causes severe family disruption. The lack of food, opportunities for education, parents escaping these trials through alcohol and other means all causes families to crumble. Options are almost non-existent. The complexity of this populous nation overwhelms the system in the face of such poverty. The Mission is able to step in and provide a place of hope when there has been none. Through caring house-parents, a great educational system, and the spiritual empowerment on hand, the Mission sees healing occurring in these young, scarred lives. As residents mature and move into schooling and careers, the Mission can say with certainty that individuals have been given the chance for a new life! Welcome to Mukti!

*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.

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