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Introduction Mukti Mission Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering underprivileged communities across the globe. With a mission to create sustainable change, Mukti Mission Inc. has been actively working towards improving the lives of individuals and communities since its establishment. By focusing on education, healthcare, and social development, the organization aims to break the cycle of poverty and provide opportunities for a better future. Education Initiatives One of the core pillars of Mukti Mission Inc. is its commitment to education. Recognizing the transformative power of education, the organization has established numerous initiatives to ensure access to quality education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. By building schools, providing scholarships, and developing innovative educational programs, Mukti Mission Inc. enables children to realize their full potential. The

Special Needs Students3

God plants them, grows them, nurtures them, and sends them out to flower for Him. These brief stories are of some of the seedlings rooted in Mukti’s greenhouse. A little blind baby was brought to Mukti Mission by her parents who lived in a remote village where people are plagued with poverty and superstition. Overwhelmed with the care of their blind daughter and the prospects of her bleak future, the parents could not cope. Hearing of Mukti and the care and education offered to blind children, they brought her to the Mission. When the blind baby, Sheela*, first came to Mukti, she cried through the night for weeks. Her loving caregiver in the Bougainvillea Flower Family, faithfully and patiently walked her, sang to her, and comforted her.  What a

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Have you ever wondered what Mukti is like? Visitors to Mukti reveal what they find when they serve at the Mission. *Check out the other conversations about visiting Mukti on our YouTube Channel

Pandita Ramabai

…in her own words… The story of the Pandita Ramabai is powerful as one woman saw needs around her, addressed them, and influenced and impacted the nation of India for 132 years and counting! You have not stumbled on this story by chance. It is not fate. It is the power of Truth that brings you here and will go with you to transform your life as Pandita Ramabai transformed so many lives in her day. But depending altogether on our Father God, we have nothing to fear, nothing lose, and nothing to regret. The Lord is our Inexhaustible Treasure! – Pandita Ramabai Pandita Ramabai was: an unusual saint-like self-sacrificing “mother” to several thousand unfortunate, ill-treated child widows and destitute orphans. She started schools and the

Young Women of Mukti

The Lord has taken away my shame, my disgrace, and given me Joy which is unspeakable! My name is Rajni*. Most people would assume I am a strong spiritual person possessing an excellent upbringing in the Lord’s ways. This was not the case for me. My father was earning a meager income, and my mother was a nurse. We were living in the staff quarters allotted to my mother through her job. When I was 14 years old, my mother was having constant and severe headaches. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and within two months after surgery, succumbed to the disease. Immediately my mother’s hospital authorities gave us a letter to vacate the quarters and we had to move to a new place.