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–PSALM 82: 3


Becoming a LIFEgiver is a worthy investment! As a LIFEgiver you are investing directly in the lives of residents at Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission. But it’s so much more satisfying than a monthly donation for a faceless individual. LIFEgivers invest in passionate prayer for their sponsored residents! LIFEgivers invest in the education, health, and nutrition of their sponsored resident. LIFEgivers invest in special remembrances and encouragement of their sponsored resident. Thank you for taking on this vital role!

What is a LIFEgiver?

A LIFEgiver is someone who supports a resident or staff worker at Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission in India with regular financial donations and prayer. The LIFEgiver may be an individual, a business, a church, a Sunday School class, a family, or a group of interested individuals.

Being A LIFEgiver – What’s Next?

As a new LIFEgiver, you are beginning an exciting adventure of sponsorship for a resident at Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission in India! The information on this page will assist you in creating an account for your online donation and give you answers to other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Once you have processed your first donation you will be matched with a Mukti resident in the category you select.

How much does it cost to sponsor a Mukti resident?

Sponsorship of $30 per month brings hope, healing, and life. That’s only $360 per year! However, any amount given regularly toward sponsorship is acceptable and gratefully received. We trust you understand the suggested amount could not possibly meet the total needs of a resident at Mukti; consequently, we assign each resident to four LIFEgivers. All investments of support are placed into one fund, and from this fund, the cost of food, clothing, education (including post-high school), medical needs, and administrative costs for the Mukti family is taken. The prayers of LIFEgivers are vitally important for spiritual support in this changing world.

Choosing a Category

There are several categories of individuals a LIFEgiver can sponsor:

  1. School-Age Girls
    These are girls through high school age who reside at the main Mukti Mission campus and at one of the main Mukti Orchard Projects
  2. School-Age Boys
    These are boys through high school age who reside at one of the main Mukti Orchard Projects
  3. Resident Women of Mukti
    These are older women through senior citizens residing at Mukti’s main campus
  4. Mukti Mission Staff
    These are the people who make Mukti function smoothly
  5. Special Need Residents
    These residents are precious and valuable in God’s eye if not in the culture of India, the Mission treats them as honored vessels of His love

How often do I pay?

Sponsorship may be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. LIFEgivers can pay by automatic electronic funds transfer, by check (payable to “Mukti Mission”), or online. LIFEgivers sending payments to Mukti Mission US will receive a monthly contribution receipt. LIFEgivers who donate electronically will be furnished with an annual statement verifying their contribution for tax purposes when applicable. Fifteen percent of the $30 monthly donation is used to fund operations here in the US through our Sustainability Fund.

What happens to my money?

Money sent for Mukti residents is put into a common fund providing the resident with basic requirements such as nutritious meals, a warm bed, proper clothing, clean water, caring oversight of House-Mothers and Guardians, medical care, educational opportunities, possible adoption and marriage arrangements, and career training where applicable. We are a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, and financial records are available upon request.

Will I hear from the resident I sponsor?

LIFEgivers will only hear from residents from the main campus. Orchard Project individuals are from sensitive areas and connections to the West are potentially dangerous to their security. During the year LIFEgivers will receive a greeting from sponsored residents at the main campus. Throughout the year our communications department includes stories about the Flower Families. LIFEgivers may read about the families as articles appear. We strongly discourage any connection with residents through any social media component until the resident has left the Mission.

Can I write to the resident I sponsor?

Yes! They love to receive short letters in simple English, and photos. They proudly show others their letter from their LIFEgiver Sponsor in the US. All correspondence to individuals must be made through the Mukti Mission US office and NOT directly to the Mission or the individual. You will receive Progress Reports including pictures of the resident, and you will receive greetings from those you sponsor at other times during the year. You may, if you desire, send a picture of yourself and it will be placed on the door of their locker. This enables them to know their prayer sponsor.

Occasionally ‘Zoom-type’ calls can be arranged with your resident (if they speak enough English).

Will the resident write back?

Residents love to receive letters, but for most, it is not possible to write back in English since they speak Marathi. Although taught English as a subject in high school, many are not fluent or confident enough to speak or write it. Many of the children’s house mothers do not know sufficient English to help the children answer letters.

Can I send them a gift?

Packages are expensive to send to India and run the risk of interception and delay with customs agents.

LIFEgivers may send a monetary donation in addition to regular support to the Mukti Mission US office for birthdays. We recommend not more than US$10. This is a sizable amount in Indian Rupees. Birthday or Christmas money is pooled so that each resident, some of whom don’t have sponsors, can benefit from a party and presents. This avoids conflict and enables all to share equally in the blessings. LIFEgivers MAY NOT send packages. Not only may items be confiscated by Indian Customs, but the Mission could be in danger of appearing to receive contraband goods. At NO time may LIFEgivers send money directly to India. It is a punishable offense in India to receive money through the mail. All money clearly marked “Birthday/Christmas” will be forwarded to Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission, India.

How long do I need to sponsor the resident?

Those under Mission care need a LIFEgiver for the entire time they are dependent on Mukti Mission. We encourage LIFEgivers to be involved for the long haul. Many LIFEgivers have been helping their sponsored resident for over 10 years and find it a blessing. The children need sponsorship until they marry or become self-supporting; wages for older girls who stay and work at Mukti or become part of the staff are also paid from these funds. Staff workers, of course, need financial assistance for as long as they are involved in the ministry at Mukti. If circumstances change, and a LIFEgiver finds it necessary to discontinue their sponsorship, please notify Mukti Mission US.

What happens when the resident I sponsor leaves Mukti Mission?

LIFEgivers will be notified if their sponsored resident leaves the Mission for any reason and will be matched to another resident for continuing sponsorship.

What can a LIFEgiver Expect from Mukti Mission US (MMUS)?

When an individual or group (church, etc.) sponsors a Mukti resident they can expect the following as a Mukti LIFEgiver from MMUS:

  • Upon registering, the Mukti LIFEgiver will receive a welcome packet.
  • Welcome letter
  • Picture of the resident
  • Guidelines for prayer
  • Guidelines for Involvement
  • Financial arrangements
  • Three specific mailings from the resident each year.
  •      Card signed by the resident (Christmas or other)
  •      Photo of the resident during the year in some activity
  •      Progress report on the resident
  • The Mukti LIFEgiver will be included in MMUS mailings.
  •      Mukti Magazine bi-annual mailing
  •      Digital Muktin Magazine monthly email

I’m ready to start. What now?

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How else can I help?


Donations can also be made to Mukti Mission for the general operating costs of the Mission. These funds are used for repairs of the many aging Mukti buildings, office equipment, administrative expenses, as well as many other expenses involved in running a large Christian ministry. These funds should be designated for the LIFEgiver Fund without attachment to a specific resident. Fifteen percent of investments in this fund are used to fund operations here in the US through our Sustainability Fund.


The English Medium School is designed to be a 1,000-student high school (grades 5 – 10) when completed. The total cost will exceed one million dollars. Your gifts to this project help students get a quality English education opening doors to better schools and jobs and expanding the reach of the Mission in India. Fifteen percent of investments in this fund are used to fund operations here in the US through our Sustainability Fund.


Another critical need is for the support of Mukti’s Orchard Projects. We now have 18 Orchard Project Homes or Day Care Centers throughout India. Many of these outreaches include children from unreached people groups. It is exciting to see how God is more than doubling the ministry through these expansion works. Most of these are in sensitive, restricted, and remote areas. Funds are used for operating expenses as well as capital improvements and expansion. Fifteen percent of investments in this fund are used to fund operations here in the US through our Sustainability Fund.


The agricultural department at Mukti Mission is working hard to create sustainable techniques to increase the effectiveness and productivity of the farm and dairy. Funding is needed to provide equipment and other AG projects. Fifteen percent of investments in this fund are used to fund operations here in the US through our Sustainability Fund.


Funding to allow the US branch of Mukti Mission to operate is also a great way to expand the support base for Mukti Mission. As we solicit more Partners we are collectively better equipped to help the women and children in India.

In addition, you can help by visiting Mukti as a volunteer worker. There are a number of areas where volunteers are needed.
You also could set up a prayer group in your church or home to pray for Mukti Mission in India.