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A Gift to Mukti

A Gift to Mukti

God plants them, grows them, nurtures them, and sends them out to flower for Him. These brief stories are of some of the seedlings rooted in Mukti’s greenhouse.

A little blind baby was brought to Mukti Mission by her parents who lived in a remote village where people are plagued with poverty and superstition. Overwhelmed with the care of their blind daughter and the prospects of her bleak future, the parents could not cope. Hearing of Mukti and the care and education offered to blind children, they brought her to the Mission.

Special Needs Students2

When the blind baby, Sheela*, first came to Mukti, she cried through the night for weeks. Her loving caregiver in the Bougainvillea Flower Family, faithfully and patiently walked her, sang to her, and comforted her.  What a change occurred! Sheela began to jump from wherever she was when she heard her housemother’s voice. She would run to her and became very attached to her Bougainvillea sisters as well. She gained strength, confidence, and security. But woe unto anyone who thought to pick her up unless she wanted to be picked up! She had a mind of her own!

Sheela has grown and is now enrolled in Mukti’s Special Needs School where she is learning how to cope with her blindness and to thrive in life. She is one of Mukti’s empowered young women.

*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.

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