Prayer is the key component of your role with Mukti Mission.
It is not an ‘add-on’ to your support.

Thank you for using this page to pray passionately for the work and results of the Mission.


Remember what I told you:
‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. 

John 15:20a

Hope Healing Life and Prayer Cells

What God is doing at Mukti!

  • PTL! for God’s provision of water for the crops
  • PTL! for commitment of students taking their year-end exams
  • PTL! for the spirit of unity within the Mukti staff
  • PTL! for dedicated workers in the finance department
  • PTL! for His Spirit speaking to resident hearts

What we ask God to do at Mukti!

  • PRAY for the girls of Orchard Project: Nimboo as they prepare to move into their new home in June
  • PRAY for the submission of the Charity Budget and for its approval
  • PRAY for fresh ideas at the Special Needs School brought by a new worker
  • PRAY for positive responses to grant applications for major Mission projects
  • PRAY for the houseparents at the main campus homes and in the Orchard Projects
  • PRAY for the new pediatric unit to fulfill its promise


You can find PrayerConnections in the following ways:

FACEBOOK:  Each Tuesday evening at 08:20 pm EST prayer requests are posted HERE

EMAIL:  Request to be placed on the monthly e-Prayer list HERE

MuktiMoments:  Request to be placed on the monthly e-Mukti list HERE

Create a PrayerConnection by starting a Prayer Cell for Mukti. Learn how HERE.

Updated:  April 10th, 2024