FS: Light in Darkness

FS: Light in Darkness

Flat Sujata is a little girl who, like Flat Stanley, is as thin as a piece of paper because she got flattened by a box of mangoes. Flat Sujata moved to Mukti Mission where she loves her new life and all the friends she has made. These stories will help you understand what life is like for children at the Mission – children about the same age as YOU! We hope that you enjoy these stories of Flat Sujata and her friends so that you can pray for them every day. *Note: These stories are inspired by real-life stories from Mukti Mission.

“Oh, Flat Sujata, did you see the new baby in the nursery?” asked Sami excitedly.

“No,” she replied to her best friend. “Where did the baby come from?”

“Auntie Sunita told me the whole story.”

“Please tell me too, Sami,” begged Flat Sujata.

“Well,” began Sami, “the baby’s name is Divya. This is what Auntie Sunita told me.” Sami trailed off in thought recalling the story that the housemother from the nursery had told her.

“Who is this?” 3-year-old Divya thought. She woke up confused because she could not find her mother. But she was surprised and glad to see a kind woman, Mrs. Joshi, sitting next to her instead. Mrs. Joshi knew Divya might feel scared. She spoke with kindness to Divya and offered her a warm hug. Drowsy and tired, Divya let Mrs. Joshi hold her in her arms. Mrs. Joshi noticed Divya had a hard time understanding her. She called the police for help and brought Divya home to her family to spend the night. Divya liked Mrs. Joshi and her family.

The next morning, a child welfare worker, Madhu, came to Mrs. Joshi’s home to bring Divya to Mukti Mission. Madhu has worked with several children for many years. She could tell that Divya was partially deaf. She and Mrs. Joshi took the time to help Divya understand what was happening. Divya was unsure and saddened to leave Mrs. Joshi, but the rules in India do not allow adoption to be easy. Mrs. Joshi hugged Divya and explained to her that Madhu would bring her to a good place called Mukti Mission. “It is a happy place where you will meet other children, and it is filled with so much love,” Mrs. Joshi said. Divya felt hopeful about meeting other children like her.

“Flat Sujata, that is exactly what happened when baby Divya arrived at Mukti!” Sami bubbled. “Auntie Sunita joyfully picked Divya up from Madhu’s arms when they arrived. She wiped the tears from Divya’s face and held her for a long time.”

“I bet baby Divya felt safe with Sunita and began to like her new home at Mukti,” enthused Flat Sujata.

Sami nodded her agreement. “Over the next few days, Divya will become friends with all of the other toddlers in the nursery.”

“And us too!” squealed Flat Sujata warmly. “But why did they call her Divya?”

“Sunita and the other staff named her Divya,” explained Sami, “because she is a blessed light in our lives.”

Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.