Orchard Champions

Being an Orchard Champion provides you with an avenue to impact the lives of girls and boys from a distance.

Resident Girls - Orchard Projects

Orchard Champions are different than LIFEgivers! Being a LIFEgiver Sponsor connects you with a specific resident on the main campus at Mukti Mission.

Orchard Champions are sponsoring children at one of Mukti’s Orchard Project homes scattered across India (18 homes with over 700 children). These homes are doing sensitive work with children; providing them with safe places to call home, offering nutritious meals, clothing, educational opportunities, and hope for their future. Therefore Mukti does not release the names or pictures of these children.

An Orchard Champion is therefore committing to a special service by sponsoring children at the Orchard Project homes.

The cost of being an Orchard Champion is only $20 / month. These funds will provide the essentials as well as the care these children need. In a well-rounded environment, they are nurtured in every area of life. And YOU are the key!

What you can expect as an Orchard Champion

  • Information on life in one of Mukti’s Orchard Project homes
  • Pictures of the children (generic and mostly groups)
  • Satisfaction in helping children from afar
  • Your name, on Mukti’s Wall of Champions!  (Glimpse the Wall HERE)


The cost of being an Orchard Champion is only $20 / month. Sign up below to impact girls and boys at a Mukti Orchard Project!