The Mukti Schools

Mukti School students

The Mukti Mission educational system was founded by Pandita Ramabai with the start of the Sharada Sadan elementary school. Today the system has grown exponentially. With over 2,700 students enrolled, Mukti is truly empowering through education.

Ninety percent of the students enrolled are not residents of the Mission. These additional students come from the surrounding communities. They come to a Mukti school and are taught by teachers of faith in an environment steeped in hope.

Mukti Schools

The Schools of Mukti

Although the Sharada Sadan elementary school is the original Mukti school, it has been surpassed in size by the Marathi Girls and Boys High School and the English Medium School. Mukti Mission also operates an Honors Academy, Computer Academy, Jr. College, and a Special Need School.

Sharada Sadan – Marathi elementary


Over 600 students now call this home for their elementary years. This is a coed program taught in the local language of Marathi. The school Headmistress is a woman who grew up as a Mukti Girl.

Marathi Girls and Boys High School – Marathi

The high school is growing rapidly. With the addition of boys to the school in 2018, the school now boasts over 850 students with additional space the highest priority. Although this is a Marathi language instructional model, English is slowly being included in key subject areas. The school Headmistress is a woman who grew up as a Mukti Girl.

Marathi High School

English Medium School – English


The English Medium School began over twenty-five years ago with a vision to elevate students in the workplace. This has been the fastest-growing school at Mukti. With 850+ students now enrolled in K – 10the grade, the need for additional space has been critical. The education is top standard and the school has achieved 100% passing grades in the State Government testing for the seventh consecutive year. The goal is to have 3,000 students enrolled by 2030 thus necessitating the completion of the construction of Wing Two. Level One was started in December

Honors Academy – English

The Honors Academy began in 2010 to help Mukti resident girls advance quickly in their studies. The building was graciously funded by a US “Friend of Mukti’ and empowers fifteen to twenty girls each year. The Academy is led by a young woman who grew up as a Mukti Girl.

Computer Academy – bi-lingual


The Computer Academy was funded by US investors in 2013-14 and stands as a testament to Mukti’s desire to offer the latest technological advantages to the students. The Academy is closely associated with the Marathi high school and is led by a woman who grew up as a Mukti Girl.

Jr. College – bi-lingual

Jr. College in India encompasses grades 11-12. This is an important stop on the route to university and so students from both the Marathi school and the English Medium School have the opportunity to move into this program right on campus. The school Headmistress is a woman who grew up as a Mukti Girl.

Special Need School


Thirty resident girls with Special Needs take advantage of an education directed to them in Mukti’s Special Needs School. Here they learn common life tasks and enjoy the camaraderie of schooling together. The school is a light to the surrounding community as often children with these special needs are outcasts.