The Original Flat Sujata Story

Flat Sujata is a little girl who, like Flat Stanley, is as thin as a piece of paper because she got flattened by a box of mangoes. Flat Sujata moved to Mukti Mission where she loves her new life and all the friends she has made. These stories will help you understand what life is like for children at the Mission – children about the same age as YOU! We hope that you enjoy these stories of Flat Sujata and her friends so that you can pray for them every day.

“Where am I?” the little Indian girl asked, rubbing her eyes. She sat up and tried to remember what had happened.

Then she remembered. Oh no! She had been in the market when a whole box of mangos toppled over on her! But what was this? She looked down at her arms and legs, she wasn’t hurt, but she was as flat as a piece of paper! The mango box had squished her! What could she do now?

The flattened little girl got sadly to her feet.

It was a little hard to walk, but then she realized the good thing was she could slip through the crowded marketplace without any trouble. And she knew exactly where to go, the Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission, a place she had heard about for many days. If anyone would help her, she knew it would be the people there.

She didn’t have to worry about her family missing her because she didn’t have a family; she lived on the streets trying to get whatever food she could. But she had heard that the people at Mukti Mission were friendly and good, willing to help anyone in need because they loved the One True God. “Well, I certainly need help!” she thought.

When she finally reached Mukti Mission, the squashed little girl was exhausted, but she was welcomed so warmly by the ladies there that she soon forgot her weariness.

“What’s your name?” inquired one of the ladies.

“Sujata,” the little girl responded smiling.

“Well, we may have to call you Flat Sujata now,” the lady mused. Sujata giggled.

“Flat Sujata. Yes, I like that,” she agreed.

Everyone smiled and spoke kindly to her. She felt safe here, not afraid like when she had to live alone on the streets. When asked, she told the ladies her life story, including the part where she’d been squashed by the mango box. “We will try to help you,” a kind lady told her. “First, let’s get you cleaned up and give you some brand new clothes.”

After her bath and some new clothes, as well as a good, healthy meal, she felt much better. That night, she snuggled into her new bed at Mukti Mission and smiled, knowing she had many adventures ahead.

Directions: Flat Sujata was so happy to get new clothes at Mukti. Please help her by coloring her clothes in beautiful colors!