Pandita Ramabai History
The Pandita Ramabai Story

The Pandita Ramabai Story

…in her own words…

The story of the Pandita Ramabai is powerful as one woman saw needs around her, addressed them, and influenced and impacted the nation of India for 132 years and counting!

You have not stumbled on this story by chance. It is not fate. It is the power of Truth that brings you here and will go with you to transform your life as Pandita Ramabai transformed so many lives in her day.

But depending altogether on our Father God, we have nothing to fear, nothing lose, and nothing to regret. The Lord is our Inexhaustible Treasure! –

Pandita Ramabai

Pandita Ramabai was: an unusual saint-like self-sacrificing “mother” to several thousand unfortunate, ill-treated child widows and destitute orphans. She started schools and the well-known Mission called the Pandita RAMABAI Mukti Mission. With motherly love, she cared for a family that grew to 2,000 girls, many of whom had experienced the horrors of famine.

This is her story – in her own words!

This is part one of Pandita Ramabai’s story. Check back for the next installment.

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