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Touched By Grace

Touched By Grace

Girls’ voices bounced off the Honors’ Academy walls as they chatted about upcoming vacation time with relatives. If Mukti girls have relatives who can come for them, they may go with them for visits during vacation times. But Rita* remained silent. “My mother and grandfather are far away and I have no way to contact them,” she finally said.  “I will stay here at Mukti with the many girls like me.” 

Rather than being sad-faced and pouty, Rita held her head up. She would trust the Lord to give her joy and would help the others ‘left behind’ to have fun, too. After all, He had blessed them so much in their Mukti Home.

School is in session

Events were planned on campus for the 75 who would remain. Among those activities were sparklers and fireworks. The air was filled with shouting and laughter as the children raced about, spinning their sparklers in the air. Next, oohs and aahs took over as some of the adults fired off rocket after rocket high into the air to display a wide array of exploding colors, shapes, and sounds. When the fireworks ended, the smoke was so dense people could hardly see one face in front of another!When Honors’ Academy resumed after vacation, the girls shared about their times with relatives. When Rita’s turn to share came, she told the girls, with animation, about the amazing fireworks at Mukti. “Oh…and then there was the fun picnic we had in the city,” she went on.

 *Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.

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