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Transformed Futures

Transformed Futures

There are hundreds of little girls who have walked through the gates of the Mission knowing nothing of what the future holds for them. Praise God for His work of continuous transformation into His likeness and where the opportunity of a bright hope and a future is afforded to each child. This is the story of Shewta* and Sangita* two such children facing the uncertainties of the future.

Sunil* developed a brain tumor which unfortunately was not treated properly, and after 4 months in the hospital died, leaving his wife with the responsibility of working and looking after their children. The youngest child fell very ill and the mother could no longer look after her family.

To lose loved ones through illness or accident can break a heart but to reach a point in your life when you have to make the decision to voluntarily let go of your loved ones is a true tragedy. One can only imagine the pain felt by this distraught mother as she handed her two daughters to the care of the Mission. Shweta is the eldest of these two precious girls, who are no less precious because of their father’s death and mother’s poverty. God has faithfully provided for both girls, as He promised in Matthew 6, through the open gates of the Mission.

Shewta and Sangita revel in all that is done for them. They have a warm bed surrounded by loving sisters in their Flower Family and a full-time house mother. They can even boast of a clean uniform which they proudly wear to school where they receive a good education under the caring tuition of their teachers. They are counted among the blessed children of India to be given two glasses of milk a day and freedom on the Mission property to play with an abundance of friends, all from similar traumatic circumstances. The two sisters gain strength and encouragement from the big Mission family knowing that the alternative to this blessed life is a nightmare that could so easily have become their reality.

God plants them, grows them, nurtures them, and sends them out to flower for Him. These brief stories are of some of the seedlings rooted in Mukti’s greenhouse.

*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.

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