Empowering Through Education

EMS Under Construction

The English Medium School was started over twenty-six years ago to open doors to higher education for the resident students as well as students from the surrounding community.

Eight hundred+ students are currently enrolled from pre-K to 10th grade. The goal is to see a school enrollment of 3,000 students by 2030! This goal demands a larger school facility and Mukti is working to build the necessary infrastructure.
Wing Two: Level One is underway and is expected to be completed by September 2023. This level will provide six classrooms, admin offices, bathrooms, and stairwells to the future upper levels.

EMS Wing Two

The school boasts an eight-year run of perfect success! NO student has failed their 10th-grade exams since 2015!

Tenth-grade exams are critical for placement in the next level of education. To have such an excellent track record serves to highly recommend the school to parents seeking to better their children’s futures.

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