FS: Family Forever

FS: Family Forever

Flat Sujata is a little girl who, like Flat Stanley, is as thin as a piece of paper because she got flattened by a box of mangoes. Flat Sujata moved to Mukti Mission where she loves her new life and all the friends she has made. These stories will help you understand what life is like for children at the Mission – children about the same age as YOU! We hope that you enjoy these stories of Flat Sujata and her friends so that you can pray for them every day. *Note: These stories are inspired by real-life stories from Mukti Mission.

This story is the continuation of Flat Sujata’s friend, Divya. You can read the first story HERE

Young Divya* grew up. After being a tutor for 2 years to Aman*, she studied in college to become a teacher. Then one day she returned to teach at one of the Mukti Mission schools. Divya was very happy; Mukti Mission was her home, and the people there were family. She remembered growing up in Mukti with the love and care of the staff, including her house mother, Ms. Rao*. Ms. Rao inspired Divya to be an assistant house mother while teaching in the daytime.

Divya still keeps in touch with her Mukti sisters. Some of them are studying in college or vocational school while others are working at Mukti, and a few got married and started families of their own. Even though the girls have grown up, Divya stays close to her Mukti sisters with phone calls and visits. As she thought about her sisters one day, she got a message from Ms. Rao, “Divya, there are 3 girls from a family who are coming to Mukti Mission today. They have been through many changes and will need encouragement and support. Will you please help me?”

Divya agreed. She came to her Mukti home and greeted the 3 new girls, Meera* (8), Esha* (6), and Heena* (4). Holding each other’s hands, the girls looked nervous being in a new home, but they soon warmed up to Divya, Ms. Rao, and their new Mukti sisters. They knew they were in a safe and loving place.

“See girls, I grew up here at Mukti Mission too. My family went through changes, and I was brought here because I deserved a loving home like you do. Mukti Mission is my home, and I still keep in touch with my Mukti sisters. You three have each other, but you also have all of us–so many mothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, brothers, and sisters are here for you at Mukti Mission. You are part of our family too. That will never change.”

The girls smiled with hope and began to play with their welcoming Mukti sisters!

*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.